Too busy for grudges, no time for enemies

The title says it all. If we all sat down and had a discussion about all the times we were hard-done-by, I think we’d be able to fill libraries worth of stories!

Guess what? Worse things have happened to others. Life goes on and if you can read this if means you’re still breathing so time to move on in the same way, time already has.


It’s quite possible to make enemies out of anybody, even people we don’t know personally (eg. George Bush, Sadam Hussein, Alan Jones etc). It’s just not necessary. A smart man from Delloitte once said:

It’s not worth holding grudges. You waste your own energy and possibly give ammunition to those who aren’t in your favour.

I used to frequent internet forums and I’d get mad at people who showed no respect for others and who did their best to offend people consistently. One day I realised that by responding to them aggressively, I was letting others control my composure and the person who I was arguing with wouldn’t even invest the same time or energy on our discussion. At first I though this was unfair. I later came to my senses and realised it was just stupid.

This is partly why I don’t waste my time on internet forums anymore (and don’t read past the first page of comments on youtube videos).

I’m just too busy having a great time to waste my time on people who don’t respect me and who get a kick out of provoking others. I’m too happy and too busy to have to feel hatred or even discuss the subject.

If I came across an unpleasant person, I bid them good day and limit – or if possible, cease – all interactions with them. Never would I even consider creating an enemy list.

My Reason

I’m too busy being happy and the time I do invest is to advance my own personal prosperity and to spend time with loved ones. If someone were to ever consider me as their enemy, I hope that they came to the same realisation that I have and even if they don’t, I wish them a peaceful life.

Take care.