When it comes to microblogging, a few services come to mind. These include; Twitter, Pownce, Jaiku and even Plurk. After doing a brief study of microblogging providers, identi.ca became my choice.

Identi.ca was launched in July 2008 and it has a similar interface to twitter. The reason I chose Identi.ca over twitter was primarily because the nick I was after was taken and it looked like a solid alternative. One aspect that appealed to me was that it runs on an opensource platform. Continue reading

Web 2.0 and social networking

With so much internet activity in the last two years, it is easy to fall behind on new trends with regards to social networking and new online exchanges.

I remember going through some of the hype when I was at school when hotmail started to gain popularity. It wasn’t long before instant messaging – icq, msn, yahoo chat rooms – started taking up all the free time of highschool students, not to mention mobile phones and text messaging.

I was in the loop from the beginning but somewhere along the tack I fell out of the loop and now as an adult I have to discover the new fads on my own.

I think that the emergence of facebook has been a real turning point in the way we create meaningful networks on the internet. Continue reading