Business Analysis certification

To become certified as a Business Analyst, the most relevant qualifications are given by the IIBA. After roughly two and a half years of experience, you can be recognized as a BA practitioner by having a Certificate of Competency in Business Analysis (CCBA). After roughly five years, you are considered a professional and duly receive Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP) status.

While waiting, what can you do before achieving these certifications, or in between them?

It’s hard to raise your employability in the ICT sector unless you demonstrate self investment and improvement. Even inside your own employment, asking for a pay rise is easier to justify if you have studied or gained more certifications since your last pay review. This is why you might consider other certifications while you wait for the appropriate BA ones.

ITIL is a common course that is offered at foundation and expert levels. Whilst ITIL is geared more towards service management and business as usual, many BA job advertisements mention it as an advantage to the application. The other qualification that appears in these job ads are Project Management certifications.

I don’t see how Prince2 and PMBOK courses could directly improve outputs in a BA context other than more awareness. Although, I’m now starting to think that my CV requires them.

This might be due to there only being two relevant BA certifications on offer. Even so, perhaps employers and organisations are not familiar with the standards for BAs and so standards for nearby professions might suffice.

As I wait to qualify for my IIBA qualifications, I will pursue the other certifications mentioned above. This is to enhance my reputation as I prove to everyone that I am a business analyst. I do concede that learning about other facets of the ICT industry will help prepare me for more every day situations. I must say though, I was surprised to learn that so many certifications that aren’t BA specific, are indeed acceptable for junior and mid-level BA positions.

What are your views on certifications?