How private should your blog be?

The longer you maintain a blog, the probability that you’re leaking out your private life increases. This is the case for personal blogs.

I’ve gotten to the stage where my posts have slowed down and I’ve less things to write about. The next hurdle will be whether I decide to open up completely and start blogging about my every day. There are certain things I’ve kept private about my online profile. This includes the schools I’ve attended, the places I have worked and personal contact information.

I think all bloggers need to draw a line as to where their online profile stops ans where their private life begins. I’m not necessarily afraid to disclose more information about myself but I don’t think it will contribute to anything, nor is it important. Another reason might be that not a lot is going on in my life and I don’t have interesting things to share.

My real reason as to why I don’t open up more is because once I share information, I can’t then un-publish it. There is a chance that excess information about me might work against my favour. At this stage my main concern is what impression I’ll be giving my future employers. At the moment what I’ve posted is quite adequate and non-controversial. By sharing more personal history and opinions, could I be disadvantaging myself? Would I be considered trust worthy If I am too willing to share information? Many, if not all organisations today place a high regard to confidentiality and privacy. Could I convince a potential employer that I am trustworthy if I start publishing my life occurrences on a daily basis?

Just writing this makes me want to log into Linked-In and limit the information that appears on my public profile.

So there it is, my thoughts on privacy for people with online profiles.

The big exception to this issue is the group of Social Media Entrepreneurs who dedicate their careers to becoming professional bloggers. The rules are the opposite for this group as opening up and creating relationships is fundamental to their success. Sharing your life and appearing likeable/approachable/normal is important.

So what do you think about maintaining a blog and maintaining privacy too?