Why I Blog and What I Have to Offer

I used to think that blogs were only for IT people, writers, poets and loners or perhaps all of the above until one day…

I first registered a domain with web hosting to create a personal webpage using HTML software. Two years went by and I hadn’t done much. My girlfriend suggested that I use my website for a blog so that I could write about my ideas, opinions and get day-to-day stuff off my chest.

My original thoughts were to write about things I had an interest or some expertise in. As the weeks went by I noticed I had more readers than what I had originally planned, I then realised how versatile a blog can be.

While I don’t target specific topics, I will publish the few things I have some authority on for the time being. I know that once I have more experience, I will be able to contribute better articles with a more specific focus.

Everybody has something to offer when it comes to blogs. A lot of my friends who read my blog are more than capable of adding interesting content also. If you have passions, interests, knowledge on a subject, or just have a lot to say – then I encourage you to start a blog and publish your knowledge to the world.

If you are a student I recommend writing about the subjects you are currently studying. This will help the retention of information and connect you with like-minded people around the world. It also helps writing style for those of you who dread writing essays.

I have been ocupied with personal matters lately. Over the next few weeks, more articles will be published relating to travel and cooking topics.