The internet community

I believe there is only one internet community the same way there is one world we are all a part of. Since my earliest experiences on the internet I have been using the help of other online users to solve IT related issues.

In the last few months I have learned things that I had previously not given much attention to. Just to share some examples, I have learned about:

  1. MySQL databases and how to create them;
  2. I have used an ftp server for the first time and learned how to transfer files this way;
  3. I have learned how to manage IMAP email access through client software;
  4. I have learned about hard drive partitioning for dual booting Windows and Linux; and
  5. I have learned a little bit about data backup options for Vista users.

These skills I have required have all been self acquired, arising out of an interest in trying out new things. I am so grateful for the support that’s out there and the willingness of tech people to help others. If it weren’t for the many IT forums (and the users who have posted and asked about the issues I have before I did), I would not have found success and all new things I experimented with.

The interconnectedness that the internet brings about gives us greater possibilities to “self learn” otherwise, complex tasks. One area where this humanity is more progressive and forever thriving is in open-source projects. Day by day we see software being released that gives users alternatives and solutions for IT needs. The ability to view source code and apply changes or improvements is what fires the growth of the free software movement. Even users who least expect it are being introduced to this way of interacting (Mozilla Firefox is a great example of this).

So this is my thanks to the generous online community out there and in particular to those who appreciate the significance of open-source projects and GNU General Public Licensing.