My Favourite Pastimes

Believe it or not, it’s not listening to music or going to the movies (it probably used to be).

My favourite pass-time is enjoying good company but most importantly, good conversation. You can hold good conversations anywhere. On a plane, while walking through a National Park, at a cafe or while driving.

A good espresso coffee (one of my favourite consumables) isn’t much without a conversation and of course, company.

Other pastimes:

  • Shaving (traditional wet-shaving with a double edge razor blade, none of this gillette 5 blade crap)
  • Taking photos (SLR, point and shoot, doesn’t matter. You can improve the photo later on picasa. Yes, because photoshop is too hard)
  • Making BBQ (only on the weber, preferably wood charcoal but briquettes are ok too, no gas burner though)
  • Preparing coffee (about as relaxing/therapeutic as shaving)
  • drawing (charcoal, graphite pencil. I don’t use other materials)
  • writing
  • and on occasion, smoking a cigar.

Photo by the sea, edited on picasa