A healthy attitude

Much greater than words or beliefs, this has to descend from feelings.

The best way to have a good attitude is to trigger the feeling of gratitude. Now, there’s no need to start thinking of how grateful you are for your house, career, etc.

The best way to feel gratitude (at least in my experience) is to find music that absolutely impacts on you in a positive way. The kind of songs that make you say loudly in your head “MAN, THIS IS BEAUTIFUL”!

Well, there are many different triggers for feeling gratitude.

It’s drawing these few moments (sometimes minutes) when we feel inspired and our minds are at ease. Guilt, anger, envy, sadness, all disappear and we unconsciously give thanks for being here to appreciate this beauty.

When you feel peace in your mind and you are grateful for things such as music, then it’s pretty easy to have healthy attitude.